Thursday, 10 March 2011

threat to artistic freedom and how giantcorp cares more about $$ than kids

An artstudent studying in Amsterdam is being sued by louise vutton (not sure if the sp is right I had no iea who they are lol!) because she drew/painted an image with a bag that looks like it could be a vutton bag not an exact copyi. they are suiing for 20 000 us dollar for each day she uses the image. She is making no money of the image there is no personal financial gain involved. the aim of the image was tho highlight the absurdity of society who worry about the likes of paris hilton and her pooch and not a starving child in darfur.

Anyway her website is here to highlight this case
her personal website is here
an interesting newsarticle showing the image is here

this case is so wrong on so many levels not just the artistic level but the fact that a giant corp is so stuck up their own backsides they actually sue over this, a poor (ie moneyless) student trying to support a very good cause. For an obscene amount of money trying to bully her into submission, makes me sick!
It would be great if you could help spread the word on your blogs facebook twitter etc.
The twitter hastag is #lvgate

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