Monday, 7 February 2011

Mindful Monday - Movie night

For those of you reluctant to pick up a book to learn more about mindfulness, here's a movie.
It's called "Peaceful Warrior" and it is based on a book by Dan Millman. To see the trailer of Peaceful warrior go here, the dvd is available from, and probably any other dvd shop.

brief Synopsis (from

In the Peaceful Warrior DVD, Dan Millman (Scott Melchowiz) is a talented, yet arrogant college gymnast who seems to have it all. He gets good grades, has disposable relationships and is trying out for the Olympics. But he still wakes up in cold sweats at night. His (Scott Melchowiz) world is turned upside down after he meets a mysterious stranger he refers to as Socrates (Nick Nolte). Socrates (Nick Nolte) seems to hold the power to tap into new worlds of strength and understanding and becomes Dan's (Scott Melchowiz) mentor who guides him through various avenues of his life.

Dan (Scott Melchowiz) suffers from a serious injury, and with the help of Socrates (Nick Nolte) and a mysterious young woman (Amy Smart), he grows to realize that strength of spirit is what leads a man to his true greatness. He (Scott Melchowiz) learns that he has to let go of the person he thought he was and start living in the moment by appreciating the journey and accepting his lack of control over the future.

If you prefer to read the book its here in the UK and here for the US.

To learn more about Dan Millman and what he does now you can go to his website here

I really enjoyed watching this movie, hope you wil too!

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