Friday, 11 February 2011

Kind complaints

A few weeks ago when the boys all had swineflu I bought a new dvd (Horton hears a who), which is rated A (ie suitable for anyone with no scary bits etc) So I handed it to Euan to open only to find a horribly violent leaflet inside. I mean these where pictures from movies *I* don't watch they are so violent and horrible. Nothing that should come near any young child. I quickly whisked it away and took a few pictures and contacted the shop I bought it from. their customer service department initially had some issues on how to deal with my complaint and when I finally spoke to a manager she was very helpful, contacted their distributor who was very apologetic and confirmed to me that this was an oversight during a short production run that this would not happen again. They asked for my address so they could send a couple of dvd's as an apology. this is the box that just arrived:

Fox apology

All 3 ice ages, good boy, fern gully 1 + 2  ( a favorite of mine when I was young!), because of wyn dixie, monsters in the attic, GArfield 1 and 2, alvin and the chipmunks 1 and 2, mrs doubtfire (again a fave of mine when I was young!) fire dog and diary of a whimpy kid (with the book!) on top of that where the 2 squirrels from ice age. I have to say that this was way more than was expected and so much more than I wanted to come out of my complaint. All I wanted was assurance that this would be dealt with and no children would find such images in their dvd's.

Yesterday I made a complaint to my bank (they added a whole bunch of charges for no apparent reason, and I was lucky enough to speak to an indian callcentre and no one could understand me!) they have send me a basket of chocolates can't wait to see what that will turn out to be!

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