Friday, 25 February 2011

I can't really think of a title for this post, in fact its hard to think full stop. the kids are sleeping horribly. If I am lucky I get 5 hours of sleep (broken up in chunks) James does his best to let me catch up over the weekeds but this has been going on for a good couple of months now. so posts have not been as often as I'd like and realy there is little to say right now. We are doing lots of painting and drawing. Euan is loving his form drawing, we're telling lots of stories and have nearly finished all the tiptoes books we got for Christmas. If you like the tiptoes stories btw there are a bunch of free ones on the website here.

On top of the complete lack of sleep, one of my uncles died very suddenly of lungcancer, he was diagnosed the last friday of januari died the next and the funeral was the thursday after. Its hard because you can't say goodbye, not really any oppertunity to find closure. Going back to Netherland next will be weird, so many graves to visit.
2 weeks later one of my sisters friends was murdered! Now you have to know that I grew up in a small town right next to an even smaller town, where everyone knows everyone and people know each other by nicknames and their parents. There is very little crime in general and to have something like this happen was ratehr a shock. They arrested a suspect only a few hours after it all happend so I guess that is something right?

To wake up tuesday morning to the destruction in Christchurch was horrible...and put life back into perspective.
Everyone we know is safe and well. Our elderly neighbour across the road has her daughter and grandchildren out there, who where all fine. It is heartbreaking to see the destruction and see how many lives have been so brutally taken. There are so many stories right now of those last moments but thankfully there are some happy stories  amongst them.
My heart goes out to all in Canterbury.

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