Friday, 11 February 2011

Food Friday - sourdough bread

If you followed last weeks instructions on making sourdough starter you should be ready now to make your first sourdough loaf!

I do this part in the morning when the kids have breakfast. I add 1 cup of the mix that I have in a jar (the prestarted) in a bowl with 1 cup of flour (per load of bread I wish to make) stirr add water to make it a soggy dough and set aside until the evening. This is your starter.

At this point I add another 3 cups of flour to my mix and add more water. How much really depends on how wet your starter was what sort of flour you are using and the general humidity where you are. I go for a sticky dough that is able to be formed into a bal for a short while. Mix it wel so that no lumps of flour are present and slide it into your breadtin. cover and leave until the morning.

The first thing I do when getting up on a bakingday is taking everything out of the oven and switching it on to 240 celcius. I turn this down to 220celcius when I slide the loaves into the oven They need around 45 minutes. Take them out of the breadtins and tap the bottom. When they sound hollow they are done, make sure you tap in the middle of the loaf as this is obviously the bit that takes the longest to cook.

If its done take it out and wrap it in a cotton teatowel, never a plastic bag or an enclosed tin of some sort because the bread will sweat and go horribly soggy.
If it isn't yet done slide it back in and give it another 10 minutes.

Also be aware that most ovens have a hotspot and a coldspot. if you don't know what your ovens hotspot is its a good idea to find out, either by testing with an overnthermometer or filling it up with a pizza and then being surpised that one end of the pizza is cooked and the other isn't. I don't recomend this way but its how we found out our (fan assisted, so supposedly even heat distribution) oven's hotspot.

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