Wednesday, 19 January 2011

the second week and start of the 3rd

It looks like I didn't take any pictures of our blackboard last week. though they might be on the proper camera, the batteries where once again "borrowed" by someone so I need to get them back and upload those pictures to see.
Due to the flu in the home the past week and a half have been much more relaxed than I had planned but Ce'st la vie I guess. We introduced the letter B last week made bread and butter and chased around the house for as many things we could find starting with B.

We also made our own pair of knitting needles, Euan still has to paint the ends of his but can't decide on a colour for them.

Blackboard letter C

Yesterday was a day off because all 3 boys had fevers and were utterly miserable, today however Euan asked for HS and asked to start knitting. We carried on our Gnome story and introduced the letter C. Practised some wavy forms which Euan really tried to rush trough because he wanted to start knitting. Obviously this resulted in it all taking longer than he wanted it to take lol!

Euan learning to knit

We managed to knit 3 rows before he had to stop. I remember those first few weeks of knitting, how hard it felt and how much I wanted to scream at my knitting. The number of times that I chucked it all in the bin, only to come back later and fish it out again lol! He did allright and finished up being pretty pleased with it all :).

St Nicholas

I also recieved my copy of St Nicholas by Jacob streit today, I realise this is a book often wanted by waldorfy mums and wanted to say that Mercury Press still has copies. The book is only $7.50 and they are quick to respond to emails.

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