Sunday, 9 January 2011

Petition to stop league tables for 5y/o

I just recieved this from a home-ed list I am on. I can not believe that they are seriously thinking of adding yet more pressure to children by even considering to do this. I have signed the petition and hope you will join me!

******start of email************************
Please sign and pass the petition on to family and friends.
You may have to copy and paste the petition link into your browser.
Many thanks.

Dear friends,
Please accept my apologies for this rather impersonal `round-robin' email. I'm
writing in support of a new petition that has just been launched by parent and
journalist Frances Laing, which is challenging the government's plans for
publishing league performance tables school-by-school for 5 year olds. Frances
has a major feature about the new petition appearing in Nursery World magazine
in next week's issue, and we are hoping to get some really high-profile names as
signatories by Monday morning, who can then be mentioned in the report. It's
very easy to sign the petition – see below for the link that enables you to
sign, and I'm also copying the petition text below for ease of reference. I hope
you agree that this is a very worthwhile public campaign, and that you'll
consider adding your name to those who are deeply concerned about this proposal.

I hope this finds you well; and warm best wishes to you for the coming year.

Kind regards,

Richard House

Petition link for signing:

Petition text:

The UK government is proposing to begin publishing school league performance
tables for England's five year olds on a school by school basis.

We, the undersigned, believe that such an unprecedented development puts both
young children and their teachers, parents and carers under unwarranted pressure
that is distinctly unhelpful - especially for children at such a tender age.

We believe such tables to be divisive and unnecessary, and that they generate
all manner of unintended and unforeseeable consequences that do far more harm
than good.

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