Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The first week..

I've was meaning to write this over the weekend but we had to buy hay and new shoes both are incredibilly time consuming because we don't have a car.

The twins quickly settled down and accepted that this was school time, Euan got (and still) up every morning asking for more school and generally things went really smoothly.

Last week was the Epiphany so I tied that into our lesson. I had originally planned to use ALGF's story for the introduction of the alphabet but the fables and fairytales didn't feel right. I could not justify to myself the violence used in them. And yes I know most of you anthroposofists will tell me that kids don't see them the way we do. That they are good for the development etc. for me and Euan I don't think it would have worked.

Instead I started a story about a gnome at the end of a garden who had lost his name. The gnome packed some food and started an adventure to find his name. Along the way he meets other gnomes and fairies and animals that help him find his name.

On the Epiphany day the gnome met someone who told him the story of the 3 kings. We got out my incense burner (which has seen very little use since I've had kids) and the frankincense and myrh and had fun lighting the charcoal (surprisingly it still self ignited!) and scooping spoonfulls of incense on it.

K for king

The board had the letter K on it together with a crown. this was the first letter we introduced. The forms for this week where simple straight lines.


This weeks MLB entry

Happy Epiphany

We made a star for the window and made star shaped biscuits (no picture of those surprisingly!)

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