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Pattern give-away

********Check this post for the winner*****************

To end the year well I'd like to give away a copy of my running man pattern. To enter leave a comment and make sure you leave me your ravelry ID (its free to sign up if you aren't a member yet) as it is much easier to ensure you recieve updates this way :)
here's the ravelry link

And here's some pictures of items made with the pattern:

a running foursome

St Nicolas - Sinterklaas

Sunflower Fairy front

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Viking Hat pattern

I have made several of these in the past couple of months for 18month olds and for a 30 something collegue of hubby. here goes:

Euan's viking hat

Yarn DK in grey white and brown (or any other combo of colours I might make a pink one for my sister)
3.5mm dpn or circs ( I magiclooped it everytime)
a darningneedle
stuffing for the horns

Cast on 112 stitches (take of 8 for a childs head and 16 for an infant) with grey
knit 2 rows
purl one row
knit one row
Bubble row k2 *kbubble k4* around to the last 2 st k2
k the entire row
purl entire row
k entire row
switch to brown
k 20 rows (more if you like the hat to be longer)
start the decreases
k10 k2tog around
k9 k2tog around
k8 k2tog around
k7 k2tog around
k6 k2tog around
k5 k2tog around
k4 k2tog around
k3 k2tog around
k2 k2tog around
k1 k2tog

break weave trough remaining live stitches and pull up tight.

cats on 20 and knit 10 rows (again more if yo'd like longer horns)
now for the turn kep 10 stitches aside you will only work on the first 10 stitches.
k9 wrap and turn
purl back to the last stitch wrap and turn.
Keep doing this until you have 2 unwrapped stitches left.
knit those two stitches and knit the first wrapped stitch wrap the next stitch and turn
purl back and purl your first wrapped stitch wrap & turn
keep doing this untill all wrapped stitches have been worked add the other 10 stitches back on your needles and knit 5 rows (again more if you want)
starting the decreases
k3 k2tog around
k2 k2tog around
k1 k2tog around
k2tog around

break yarn pull up tight trough the remaining live stitches, make another one.
stuff and attach them about 3 cms from the top on either side of the hat done!

Super Simple whistle case pattern

penny whistles

Its incredbilly simple and quick too. I made these for the penny whistles for hubby and Euan for Christmas. you could easily make this wider make sure you have an uneven number so its easy to place the button hole.

Use a DK weight yarn with a 4mm hook (size G?)

Chain 11
first dc in the 2nd loop from hook, dc to the end chain 1 turn
dc to the end chain 1 turn (twice
button hole row: dc 4 chain 2 dc 4
dc 4 dc 1 in the chains dc 4 chain and turn
Work the entire piece in dc until your piece measures the lenght of your whistle plus 4 or 5 centimeters for the flap.

Crochet a sc around both edges of the case to connect the front and the back.
weave in your ends and you're done :)

I need to come back to add the lenght of our whistle but right now I have hubby in the present room working and I forgot to check this morning lol!

Planning for grade 1

We have everything planned out for our eldest to start grade 1 in the new year. I was met with some surprised confusion. Januari? but school starts in September here.

The first time I was a bit confused about this comment, after all he won't be going to school so if I'm not going to stick to their curriculum why would I stick to the schedule?
So my reasons for starting in Januari are 1 british summers never happen during school holidays, they happen in short bursts troughout the summer, so imho their is no point in a summer holiday. 2 december with all the festivals is such a busy month I would much rather not fight over lessons then and take it very easy with "school" stuff and 3 because I can! lol!

So we'll be using ALGF supplemented as and when I need to with various books. for music we'll be using Jodie Messlers "living music from the heart" James will be taking on this part since he allready plays the whistle. And then we will supplement with arts and crafts troughout the year. Since we allready do a lot of this there will not be any huge changes there.

I have to admit that I also bought the ebook planner from ALGF just because it allready had everything I want in a planner and for $10 I couldn't make it myself. Its undated so I can use it for the rest of their schoollife and beyond! (ok that was a bit of buzz lightyear slipping in there....)

Euan is getting a basket full of new crayons new pencils and his whistle with a nice red MLB for xmas so he has a little bundle of just school bits that won't be used by the twins (mainly because Willow likes to eat crayons when does that stop?)

So yes I am quite looking forward to the new year and looking forward to starting this new adventure with Euan.


We hebben alles gepland voor onze oudste om de eerste klas te beginnen in januari. Hier kreeg ik nogal verraste reacties op, want ja school begint hier in september.

Toen ik dit de eerste keer hoorde was ik zelf een beetje in de war, want ja we sturen hem niet naar school dus waarom zouden we ons aan hun schema houden? Om meerdere redenen hebben we gekozen om nu te beginnen, ten eerste gebeurt het zomerse hier nooit tijdens de zomervakantie maar altijd zo tussendoor, ten tweede is December altijd zo druk dat ik veel liever dan niet de druk van school heb en ten derde omdat ik kan!

We gebruiken ALGF voor the gewone lessen, voor muziek gebruiken we Jodie Messlers Living Music from the heart. James zal dit gedeelte op zich nemen omdat hij toch al de pennywhistle speelt. en voor kunst en handwerk zal er erg weinig veranderen we doen dit al heel veel.

Ik moet toegeven dat ik ook de ebook planner van ALGF heb gekocht. Die was maar $10 en voor dat geld kan ik hem niet zelf maken. ik ben nl niet zo handig met dat soort programma's. Verder is de planner blank dus ik kan zelf de datums ieder jaar invullen wat wel zo handig is .

Euan krijgt vd kerstman een mandje vol met nieuwe schoolspulletjes die dus ook alleen vor school gebruikt mogen worden. voornamelijk omdat Willow er nog steeds een handje van heeft de krijtjes op te eten.

Dus we zijn er wel klaar voor voor het aankomend jaar en ik heb er ontzettend zin in :D

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Jody McIntire takes on the BBC

After watching this video I felt compelled to make a complaint to the BBC. If you feel the same go here to complain

Here is my complaint:

I have just watched the interview with Jody McIntryre and I am absolutley appaled by the way your presenter treated him.
The fact that your presenter repeatedly insinuated that Jody provoked thepolice to abuse him in that way beggars belief.
The sweeping judgements the presenter made about Jody's character are beside the point, as we all have the right to our own views.

I took the time to read Jody's blog (easily found trough google) and whilst he does have revolutionary views expressed so did Ghandi.

The fact that the presenter had allready made judgement about Jody's character was clearly evident in his line of questioning.

I found the way this interview was conducted to be incredibily offensive and more than that sadened by the lack of impartiality shown by the BBC during this interview.

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