Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Viking Hat pattern

I have made several of these in the past couple of months for 18month olds and for a 30 something collegue of hubby. here goes:

Euan's viking hat

Yarn DK in grey white and brown (or any other combo of colours I might make a pink one for my sister)
3.5mm dpn or circs ( I magiclooped it everytime)
a darningneedle
stuffing for the horns

Cast on 112 stitches (take of 8 for a childs head and 16 for an infant) with grey
knit 2 rows
purl one row
knit one row
Bubble row k2 *kbubble k4* around to the last 2 st k2
k the entire row
purl entire row
k entire row
switch to brown
k 20 rows (more if you like the hat to be longer)
start the decreases
k10 k2tog around
k9 k2tog around
k8 k2tog around
k7 k2tog around
k6 k2tog around
k5 k2tog around
k4 k2tog around
k3 k2tog around
k2 k2tog around
k1 k2tog

break weave trough remaining live stitches and pull up tight.

cats on 20 and knit 10 rows (again more if yo'd like longer horns)
now for the turn kep 10 stitches aside you will only work on the first 10 stitches.
k9 wrap and turn
purl back to the last stitch wrap and turn.
Keep doing this until you have 2 unwrapped stitches left.
knit those two stitches and knit the first wrapped stitch wrap the next stitch and turn
purl back and purl your first wrapped stitch wrap & turn
keep doing this untill all wrapped stitches have been worked add the other 10 stitches back on your needles and knit 5 rows (again more if you want)
starting the decreases
k3 k2tog around
k2 k2tog around
k1 k2tog around
k2tog around

break yarn pull up tight trough the remaining live stitches, make another one.
stuff and attach them about 3 cms from the top on either side of the hat done!

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  1. Wat een stoere viking! Enig mutsje hoor!! Hier had je zulk soort model plastic petten ten tijde van de wk voetbal kampioenschappen. Oranje natuurlijk en dan die hoorntjes er uitstekend.



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