Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Super Simple whistle case pattern

penny whistles

Its incredbilly simple and quick too. I made these for the penny whistles for hubby and Euan for Christmas. you could easily make this wider make sure you have an uneven number so its easy to place the button hole.

Use a DK weight yarn with a 4mm hook (size G?)

Chain 11
first dc in the 2nd loop from hook, dc to the end chain 1 turn
dc to the end chain 1 turn (twice
button hole row: dc 4 chain 2 dc 4
dc 4 dc 1 in the chains dc 4 chain and turn
Work the entire piece in dc until your piece measures the lenght of your whistle plus 4 or 5 centimeters for the flap.

Crochet a sc around both edges of the case to connect the front and the back.
weave in your ends and you're done :)

I need to come back to add the lenght of our whistle but right now I have hubby in the present room working and I forgot to check this morning lol!


  1. These are lovely. We made felt cases for our pennywhistles but if I improve my crochet skills I will try to crochet your pattern. Any good recommendations to get a beginner crocheting quickly. Funny I can knit well but crochet doesn't seem to come easy.
    Best wishes

  2. Thank you!
    Crochet engages the brain in such a different way than knitting. Have you had someone show you how to do it?

    I guess its just trying different ways until you find something that clicks. If you don't have someone who can show you youtube is a good way to see how it is done




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