Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Jody McIntire takes on the BBC

After watching this video I felt compelled to make a complaint to the BBC. If you feel the same go here to complain

Here is my complaint:

I have just watched the interview with Jody McIntryre and I am absolutley appaled by the way your presenter treated him.
The fact that your presenter repeatedly insinuated that Jody provoked thepolice to abuse him in that way beggars belief.
The sweeping judgements the presenter made about Jody's character are beside the point, as we all have the right to our own views.

I took the time to read Jody's blog (easily found trough google) and whilst he does have revolutionary views expressed so did Ghandi.

The fact that the presenter had allready made judgement about Jody's character was clearly evident in his line of questioning.

I found the way this interview was conducted to be incredibily offensive and more than that sadened by the lack of impartiality shown by the BBC during this interview.

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