Monday, 20 September 2010

an attempt to blog more

at the end of the day  when the boys have finally been tucked in an tucked in again and tucked in again, my brain is often fried and I simply can;t think of what to write. So I made myself a little list of things that often occur but I just don't think about when I plonk my laptop on the table ready to write (I allways end up looking at blogs wondering how they do it lol!)

We sadly said goodbye to a dear old friend and neighbour Les.Euan hasn't taken the news very well so far and he is simply ignoring me when I try to talk about it with him. so for now I've let it go.

So on to my list
Books we're reading: The tomten and the fox for the kids
Marriage and love for me which is proving an interesting read.

Cool thrifting done:
The tomten and the fox from the rotary club christmas shop. we paid a whopping 25p.

tastiest meal: leftover vegetable stew with dumplings. the freezer needed cleaning and all the bits and bobs that where left went in. also a tomato and curgette from the garden and a couple of potatoes too. added a bit of bisto and let it simmer on the stove for an hour or so.

Good films we've seen: We watched The secret of moonacre which I can tell you very little about due to all the interruptions. so I hope to watch that again sometime soon

Awesome mail recieved: We've recieved some mailart from Helen will have to post a photo later

Cool random things we've seen: a pair of red kites! I heard them first rushed out to find nothing and since then we've seen them  several times

Things we've made: WE've been making mailart for other people, we made some postcards to send to the greatgrand parents and the grandparents in Nederland. Euan entered a drawing competition for the bassett museum. And I am busy knitting some socks and making dragons.

Well thats it for now new post within the week promise!

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