Thursday, 12 August 2010

Slings for sale

never thought this would be so painful but I very much doubt we'll have any more children and these are lying upstairs in the wardrobe not being used. they need to be used and enjoyed so I hope another mama wants them :)


my KOZY with extra long straps. I bought it so I could wrap the second baby around the first, its had some light us, no fading no stains etc. 
£40 includes 2nd class delivery



My first mei tai a cwtshi it has had a fair amount of use and one of the straps has a bit of fraying at the end due to hubby leaving the strap a bit to close to a bunny once... the colours are slightly faded but is it still a very comfy mei tai.
£25 includes 2nd class delivery

My didymos nino 5, the wrap I wanted to love so much but just didn't. it has had very little use and really could do with more breaking in. it also has a couple of small yellowish stains that I haven't managed to get out in normal washing.
£55 includes 2nd class postage   Sold!

All postage is UK only. I'm happy to send it another way but this will be at cost, and more pictures here.
Email me on vera AT thelothians DOT net :)

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