Tuesday, 24 August 2010

returning to sanity

so the last few days the house was fllled to max capacity again. I had mum and her husband here. Hubster and stepdad went on a DIY spree and fixed a gazillion things that where broken around the house. the best thing of all though is that mum had wanted to buy me a dryer because living in the UK I have times where I really do struggle with the laundry,  but the greenie in me just could not say yes to a dryer. I asked for this instead:
Porch built by hubster and stepdada much more ecofriendly alternative and its multipurpose too! I can feed the cats outside in the morning when the twins have their insanityhour and not worry about the cats not getting enough food vs the twins running trough the food. we can sit outside dusing evenings like last night where it was warm but very wet all our muddy wellies are kept by the backdoor and I can hang my laundry outside no matter what the weather is!
it needs a few finishing touches and James & I will have to finish the floor since we ran out of time but I can allready use it :). in fact 2 seconds after taking that picture I put the laundry on the rack and a minute or so after that it started to rain a lot!

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