Thursday, 12 August 2010

My baby turned 6

Calm has finally returned to our home visitors are all back in Netherland and on tuesday my baby turned 6. He hasn't been a baby for a long time but its hard sometimes to think of him as this very independant boy who is quite happy to go off on an adventure on his own without the help of mummy. We made cupcakes and ice"cream", had balloons (though they where horrible!) and silly string, which he thought was the best. There where obviously presents (and way too many of them!). Pictures are still on the camera and I hope to find time today to put them up, Euan has caught a cold and as all good men this is the worst cold ever and he is "really realy ill mummy", this in turn results in him wanting to watch the same film over and over and over.

In just over a week my other babies will turn 3, really where does time go?. I'm starting to believe that the moment you become a parent somehow the thing inside you that is responsible for tracking time breaks.

I also recieved a bunch of gifts for my birthday in july and james recieved a carload of plants for his shady garden he's been wanting. Funny thing this because I'm the one that does the gardening. it was me who at 5.30 on sunday morning was spreading compost and planting plants.It will be me weeding and watering and caring for them. its all done with lots of love though.

I will post my gifts up a bit later, they all relate my my arty/crafty stuff so I'd like to give them proper attention on this blog :).

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