Tuesday, 24 August 2010

cruelty free art supplies

so on my hunt to make sure all my art supplies (and the kids's) are cruelty free I have been emailing suppliers. who knew that your crayons are filled with animal fats and that your paints have gelatine?! so I was lucky with most of our stuff though a few bits I'm unsure of and waiting for a reply. SOme companies haven't even bothered to respond. I was really pleased with the reply from prismacolor. I recieved their pencils in a swap package a couple of weeks ago and when trying the out they felt really waxy and I had two things go trough my head beeswax and tallow.


I emailed them late afternoon last thursday and had a reply waiting for me when I got up the next day.
Prismacolor is part of Sanford (rubbermaid and sharpie are the non crafty parts of the brand) and they told me none of their products contain animal parts or animal produced parts (ie no beeswax tallow gelatine etc)
I was rather relieved since I had a go with the pencils and really liked them! I will order a few more when the budget allows :)

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  1. could you possibly email me the reply from prisma color, there are some mixed things saying that its is and is not vegan friendly. could you please forward to me epiphanysoot @ gmail. com



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