Thursday, 12 August 2010

Big picture

So here's a little secret, I hate scrapbooking, I'm not talking about the old fashioned real scrapbooking no no I'm talking about the current thing called scrapbooking. Why you ask, well first of there is the fact that there is nothing scrap like about this version of so called scrap booking. its so, mmh whats the word for it, not girly but I dunno twee maybe fake too.

I just don't get the whole buy a load of expensive papers embellishements and tools and make interesting pages that in the end have very little in it thats truly you, I guess I find that often it looks so factory made so unpersonal because so much is mass produced. I have nothing against the papers or the embellishments and I do use the odd piece of paper since I get so many in art swaps. But in all honesty I prefer those made by me or another artist. those that are not mass produced. That said I enjoy reading about the process of putting it all together. I enjoy watching someone make their page see how they think as they put it all together. this is the reason I signed up for the big idea

Big Picture Scrapbooking

Its set to start some point today, based in the US so it will probably be late afternoon at the earliest that content will be available. I'd be curious to see what will be shown here, and wether the focus will be heavily on the products or the process.

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