Tuesday, 20 April 2010

catch up

it feels I'm constantly catching up these days. the weather has been absolutely fantastic! WE spend last weekend in beautiful dorset competely unplugged. I tell you it was weird not getting my daily fix of fora and mails. There was no signal for my iphone so I couldn't even go on their to check my mails.
The 2+ hour car journey went better than I could have hoped. Euan got sick about 20 minutes from hour destination and Thomas whilst the engine got turned of. Both hit the towel not the car (yay!)All 3 slept most of the way their and most of the way back, which did result in a few very very late nights but o well.

I have lots of pictures but they haven't even made it out of the bag yet s I'll be uploading those later. I have also got a few projects going that I want to tell you about but that to will have to wait till later

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