Monday, 8 March 2010

a week of pictures

This week is rather cloud heavy. I used to take loads of time looking at clouds but somehow somewhere along the line I kinda forgot and stopped looking up. Now that Euan and I are doing an extended weather block I seem to have gotten back into the habit here's just a few:


stripy clouds

crows on the roof



This last one with the crows has to be my favourite. There's more on flickr :)

council potatoes
council potatoes

The spuds are chitting, they have to go in the ground on the 16th.

James's EVL taxdisk for his bicyce lol!
James got his new tax disk not only does he drive a bicycle its EVL lol! he's well chuffed with this disk.

Mother Earth naked

I started a new mother earth the last one was eaten by moths. She is currently on my dollmaking stand waiting for her wig. she is fully dressed now.

Euan needlefelting for the first time

See this? I was very proud Euan needled his first mushroom all on his own. I jut helped him connect the hood with the stem. I haven't taken a pic of the finished item yet its on my to do list for tomorrow.

spring maiden

This is the springmaiden who will visit our table soon!

together on the slide

And a last shot of Euan & Thomas together on the slide :)

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