Sunday, 21 March 2010

the week in pictures

apple pieces
Thomas is very particular on how his apple has to be sliced and he is at that age where if its not right it just won't do

T eating
Here he is eating a slice holding on to his very precious screwdriver which he only drops when he's asleep.

Here is Thomas demanding snuggles

catkins with dewdrops

a bonfire made up out of the old greenhouse that was here when we moved into the house


More dewdrop catkins

Easter Hare

The latest addition to the running man pattern

E's shroom

The shroom Euan needlefelted

E's shroom
Another view of the shrooom

Spring in a jar
spring in a jar

spring in a jar

Both jars of springiness

gifts from NL

a parce from the netherlands with eggpaining mills and freefrom sweets

mermaid sock

A mermaid tail sock for the march WTS on ravelry

Not as many pictures as normal We've had a bug here and James has been ill from tuesday night on He actually slept for nearly 20 hours in one go. but he's pretty much back to normal and of to work again tomorrow. Hope you have weather as great as hours!

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