Monday, 15 March 2010

some ramblings on going dairy free

Euan was recently diagnosed with a lactose intollerance, the switchover has been easier than I anticipated but we still have our moments. Like last week when he sneaked a few spoonfulls of my yogurt that was hidden in the darkest corner of the fridge. Or a couple of weeks aga whenI bought this diary free icecream:

non diary icecream that contains diary??

We were in iceland and the twins where fed up with being in the pushchair and where vocalising this loudly,. Euan was grumpy because I had had to say no to severalthing he wanted for dinner that week (pizza being the main one) and then he said 'but what about my icecreams mummy' in that really sad hurt way he can do. I told him how the ones he liked all have diary, iceland guy was filling the freezer held this tub up and said that it had non diary at the top. I grabbed it and took of not really reading further than non diary (yes yes stupid I know). How I regretted it......

I have written Iceland an email but no reply so far.

Then there is pasta we all enjoy it most with a bit of grated cheese on top, or better yet in an ovendish with cheese on top.
Sometime somewere I found a recipe for breadcrumbs to go on pasta instead of cheese and I must say that everyone enjoys them and its an excellent substitute for cheese fo us.

parmesan replacement

You need
herbs of your choice (here I had thyme oregano and some onions)
olive oil
and a wide fryingpan

I haven't added quantities because t depends on your taste. I do make them very salty not to herby because the kids aren't big fans of that.

In the words of tiggr

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