Monday, 15 February 2010

We spend the day in the garden yesterday. 2 fencepanels had come down during the winter they needed burning, as did the bedding from yolko. Not knowing what was wrong with her I didn't just want to chuck it on the compost heap.

First ladybird of the year

We found the first ladybird of the year, which I thought was rather early, not?
I pulled up a bunch of plants that need moving. They are in buckets until next weekend. We'll be moving the run for the chickens replanting the plants I pulled up. I am in the process of shoveling 3 1 ton bags of compost to a new location so I can plant a border there in a few weeks time using some of the compost.


We've been enjoing the eggs now that the chickens have started laying. Ofcourse we only have 2 layers left now. James & I haven't discussed what to do now. Wether we borrow an incubator and turn it into a learning process or wether we get a few ex-bats or.... well so many choices so we'll see.

Whilst Euan and James were building up the bonfire Euan went into the coop where yolko met her end and grabbed a bunch of the feathers that had fallen of. He looked very seriously tucked them into the middle of the heap without saying anything. Then later when the fire was going he looked at me and said again very seriously "that fire is all we have left of yolko now mummy, the rest has gone to the spirits". We sat and hugged for a little while before he went of again to put more wood on the fire.


With the cold weather sticking around I'm still making curly kale a coupleof times a week such comfort food.

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