Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Our weekend

It was a busy weekend We moved the chicken run sorted the compost out and replanted a dozen or so plants
planted willow sticks and the twins did a lot of marching trough the garden

Thecompost heap was the best though
checkingit out

We obviously found lots of worms. Euan checked asmany as he could determined if they where a brother or a sister or a daddy or a mummy he even found some grandparents.

big worm
a wormy closeup

grossed out twins

The twins where pretty grossed out by it all but at the same time very facinated

moving themsomemore
Once caught Euan determined where they should go back in one of the big heaps of in the small bucket for the indoor wormery

first visitor on the birdtable
We also build a birdtable its just over 2 meters tall so the cats can't get to it. its alsofarenough away from any buildings or fences so they don't attempt to jump on it. It was made from this scaffoldingpole that was left by the previous owner and the bottom of a broken washingbasket.
Our first visitor was a starling. the picture was taken trough the kitchen window as I didn't want to scare him of.

Monday sky
We had somepretty cool clouds over the weekend bt mondays where the best

Monday sky
More clouds on my flickrpage.

Mum was allowed home or a few days today after having had a pretty crap weekfullof transusions and antbiotics due to a fever she developed.
She's glad to be home even if its only for a short while.

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