Wednesday, 24 February 2010

a day full of goodies

We recieved/bought all of this today:

This was Euan's to he is determined to grow a sunflower that reaches the roof.

Sunflower seeds

Last week I ordered this from the RSPB. you can ring them up to pay the 2 pound fee instead of mucking around with cheques.

RSPB Wildlife Action Awards

This page
gives more detail of the system. basically there are 3 stars, bronze silver and gold. For each star you need to complete 6 activities (18 total). you need to send in some evidence that you have completed you star and they send you a certificate.

RSPB Wildlife Action Awards
The book has 4 sections.

RSPB Wildlife Action Awards

finding out what's there, helping wildlife, being environmentally friendly and spreading the word. only the first 3 sections count towards your stars

stories from nature

Found this in one of the charity shops today5 very cute books in a box

inside in one of the nature story book

I love the drawings colourfull and not to cartoony

spuds from the potato council

This is our potato kit from the potato council it has 6 spuds,2 varieties

potato council pack

Included in the kit where also 2 growing bags stickers for the bags. growing charts and stickers Also included are instructions on growing spuds.

potato council weather chart

the spudcouncil also send us a weatherchart.

W using his nappy to hold his sword (spoon lol!)

Willow discovered a much better use for his nappy, he is now using it to hold his sword (a wooden spoon lol!)

potatoe stamping

We used up a few old spuds and turned them into stamps

playing with water and beans

and an old ovendish filled with water and beans makes the best toy add a spoon and an empty container and it keeps kids busy for hours

Euan writing dog

Euan wanted to rainbow write dog above is the result :)

Hope you had a great day too!

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