Wednesday, 10 February 2010

and another week has gone!

I remember when time seemed to be longer than it really was. where summers lasted for months, and birthday parties never ended. where a few weeks felt like several months. And now A day feels like a minute a month like a week and the years fly by so quickly I can't believe it!

So mum got the call last wednesday late afternoon. she had to be in the hospital at 10 the next day. Thursday was a day full of tests blood tests scans bone punctures, and Fridaymorning at 8 o'clock they inserted the line for the chemo. Everything went ok for her till sunday which was a horrible day, and monday to. Tuesday was slightly better and today she said she was allmost back to normal. Bloodtest are being done daily and so far she hasn't had a dip yet (where the white blood cell counts goes below 1). Once the dip has been and gone she's allowed home for a few days. On sunday she is have a rituximap session (putting it like that almost makes it sound like something fun) and after that the whole cyce starts again exactly the same and after that she'll have a 7 day chemo. when that one is finished the transplant will start. Its all been going better than expected which is good!

Thursday was an interesting day. My hoover broke (I've had it for a month!) my washingmachines seal looked ike it had gone trough a shredder and needed to be replced, I found a puddle in the bathroom (leaking toilet) and one in the kitchen(burst pipe) and to top it of the boiler gave up. Yay for british gas home care! My boiler works again and the parts to fi the leaks have arrived and they will be fixed tomorrow. the seal for the washingmachine is currently being held hostage by Royal mail so I hope they'll give that up soon! and the hoover is also happy again!.

We spent some time in the park on tuesday:

Euan making himself dizzy

Euan made himself dizzy on this thing ( I have no idea what you are supposed to cal it??

Thomas calling Willow

Thomas shouted for Willow ad declared he was goint to buy biscuits

Willow walking up the hill

At which point Willow started marching

Willow walking up the hill

Called me & Euan and told us to "qick qick buy bikits"

Willow walking up the hill
After which he continued his march up the hill :)

This morning after we returned from the market I had a little parcel from America waiting for me. It only took a week to get here

Monk made by Rick from Syrendell

A Little Plum village monk made for me by Rick from Syrendell
, they have an ETSY shop here. I'm well chuffed with him!
All my emails got answered so quickly, even on Sundays!, it was a pleasure to buy from them.

Tonight I had to give up our comfy (but looking at this pic rather dirty) sofa to my poorly 5 year old who instisted he would be awake long enough to see daddy arrive home. Daddy has been in York for the past few days and won't be bac until 10-10.30. Euan managed to stay awake until 7.30 lol!

Euan waiting for daddy on the sofa

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