Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow wonderfull snow

it has snowed and snowed and snowed. Most of the roads in our little town are now used to iceskate on. The hill in the park has turned into this big iced over mudpool because of the huge number of people sledging down it.
Whilst we were out happily joining the crowds in the snow some *@($^%& stole some of the kids outdoor toys, I found them smashed to pieces the next day on that same hill.

Obviously all this snow & ice means James can't go into work so he's been working at home for the past week and according to the metoffice the weather is going to stay untill wednesday so he'll be working from home for at least another 3 days. We had to go out and buy him a desk because sitting on the bed with his laptop was not working (I was rather impressed he managed to stay awake lol!)

Mums chemo is going much better than the Docters thought it would go and on the 27th we will hear when the bonemarrow transplant will take place. If this all keeps going at the rate it is she will be done before her birthday (8 march).

I have nearly finished my socks. I had to rip back several times, kept adding stitches somewhere. I am working on charts for my next pair I have an idea in my head of what I want and hopefully I am actually going to pull it of but we'll see :)

Euan till has his little tree on his desk and does not want to take it down :) maybe I can pursuade him to adjust the decorations as we go trough the year.

I have finished my duaflex and it has a nice tube on top of the vieufinder to block out the light. I had been looking for a suitable cardboard tube in the postoffice but they ony had one size. a trip to Whsmiths and craftstores didn't do any good either. then whilst queing in Iceland I found the perfect fit, the tube from pringles. that combined with a couple of rolls of electrical tape now make a pretty sturdy ttvcam.
I have a few in my stream allready. Hopefully I'll be able to update my pictures later on today, Currently my camera is powerless.

My december sock has finally arrived in canada it only took 28 days!! Hope you like everything spinquilt!

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