Thursday, 28 January 2010

My little shoplifter

Wednesday is marketday, we go and get our veg from the market and go to get milk in iceland. Iceland has a very (in)conviently placed display filled with cadbury cream eggs. Both Thomas & Willow where holding my hands whilst we waited and once I got to pay they all went to sit in the windowseats, a little to happily
little shoplifters.....

Tomas had helped himself to the eggs and shared the joy. I guess I should be happy he got an egg for each of them lol!

AS you can see in my previous post I recieved my Januari WTS swap parcel. In it was a rattleback, I'd never seen one before and the whole thing is pretty facinating. Euan has been turning things al afternoon.
Here's a short video:

You can tell Januari is nearly at its end and days are getting longer when you are getting eggs again
days are getting longer!

And then there is this picture:
asleep with buzz

I posted a phonepicture of this yesterday. We found 2 buzz lightyear figures in a charityshop at only 1 pound each I could not refuse. however I had not yet taken out any money so the short walk from the shop to the cashpoint was an absolute nightmare. I had two tantruming toddlers, each under one arm kicking and screaming. Once I had put them down on the floor so I could put my card in the machine the tantruming just went on, they didn't stop until I put a 2 p coin into each of their little hands and told them that I had taken money out. They rushed back to the shop andBuzz was exactly where they had left him. they each paid grabbed a buzz and didn't let go of him for pretty much the whole day. The tantrum obviously exhausted them, I went intothe kitchen to make unch and when I got back in the livingroom a few minutes later they where fast asleep, still clutching onto buzz :)

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