Tuesday, 26 January 2010

more snow more frost and finally some sleep!

Well we had some more snow since last time I wrote and we made Mit
Mit the snowman
Mit is a scary snowman according to Euan

mit the snowman
Mit stould at the end of the drive for less than 24 hours before he slowely started to melt.

With the snow came sleepless night. I am blessed to be mama of 3 beautiful boys, 1 who just wakes up a lot, one who has really bad nightmares and one who a couple of months ago started sleepwalking. the last 3 weeks they have all been doing it all at the same time. Last night was the first night this year that I had more than 3 hours of consecutive sleep! Fingers crossed this phase hangs around for awhile :)

Tomorrow mum will get all her testresults back and we'll hear more about the bonemarrow transplant. But so far everything has gone much better than expected so I have high hopes.

My Sister send this picture oer by AIM this week its her & my brother celebrating the new year

Kelly & Leon

I'm of to get some dinner on, tuesday is gaming night for James so Euan & I will curl up on the sofa & watch a film together.

I'll leave you with one last snowy scene:

Snowy seed

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