Thursday, 28 January 2010

How to make a zafu

I've made the boys their own zafu's so i can actually use mine without putting up a 20 minute fight first. I took pictures as I went along :)


You need:
pencil or chalk to makr your fabric with
sheet of newspaper
compass (optional)
enough fabric
buckwheat hulls or Kapok for filling.Or try and see what you have in your house. all 4 zafu's I've made so far have been made with leftovers I had lying around. Mine where all filled with wool

The amount of fabric you'll need depens on the size you'll be making the number & size of pleats you want to use and if you want to give it a carrier strap.
For the boys I made the circle 15 cms diameter, this doesn't include seam allowence!
This blog has some great calculations for figuring out the amount of fabric needed.

Once you know how big you want your circle to be cut one of of newspaper to use as a pattern.

pining the pleats
cut you fabric after deciding what size circle you want and how long your side fabric needs to be.
iron and pin your pleats

top view of a pleat
Here's a top view of the pleats.I choose to make short 1cm wide pleats

how not to do it
When you fold & iron your pleats make sure they all go the same way......

zafu all pinned
Here it is all pinnen and ready to be sewn together

zafu tute stitching

And here I am sewing it all together. You can obviously do this with a machine. I found it easier to sew it by hand.

zafu all done

And here are two finished zafu's. Because I filled mine with very coarse wool I had, I've left the sideopening open. if you choose a different filling you probably want to sew this up. You can see the opening slightly on the right side of the bottom zafu.

There are loads of sites allready talking about making your own zafu & zabutonTry these:
urban decline
Western Ch'an fellowship

I'm not linked to any of these sites and have only looked at them when I was researching how I should make one.

Now all there is left to do is sit :D

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  1. I just finished making a zafu for my friend's daughter and I wish I'd seen your tutorial first as it shows the pleating much better! Ah well, next time!



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