Sunday, 31 January 2010


I love watching birds and have allways pointed any we see on the way out to the kids. We've stepped the twitchering up a bit and now carry a small pair of binoculars and book with us. If I can i take the camera along but its often to awkward to carry along.
Today I remembered that my ipod was still in my bag. it has a pretty good voicerecorder so I recorded a few times whilst we where at the canal. here's the result:

Birdsong canal 1

birdsong canal 2

birdsong canal 3

birdsong canal 4

birdsong canal 5

not the greatest but it does enable us to compare what we've heard to some sites with recordings
like the british garden bird site or the BBC, there is also a bunch of cd's on amazon and such. if you are in the States there is a podcast with a bunch of American birds for free!

Our main book that we are using is the british birds handbook
I like it because the writing inside is a good size easy to read when walking along, the drawings inside are clear and not fussy and overly artistic like some. It also has enough space for us to write any notes in and stick a picture if we want to. Euan likes it because it has stickers lol!
British bird book

If you want to get into birdwatching with your kids here's some other site's I have used
birds of britain

My favourite spot for birdwatching is near the canal, you have the canal the little forest nearby and large fields on the other side so you get a bunch of different birds all close together.
Todays walk resulted in a very special sighting for which I will make a seperate post in a bit, you will read in that post why :D

Here's some of the pictures we've taken the last couple of days

great tit

Ducks on ice


Starlings on the roof


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