Monday, 30 November 2009

Its been so busy here

So not much posting really. I just got an email from Lynn to tell me she recieved her parcel so I can post pics of what was in her box.
There was a 5 piece limit and thats probably a good thing lol! I got a bit carried away I think.
ANyway here are the pictures
King Winter
King winter
King winter
King winter

King Winter is wearing a silk robe he has merino hair which has been needle felted into his head and a quart points & tumbled stones crown. In his hand he is holding a merino snowball
Mrs Thaw
Mrs Thaw

Mrs Thaw
Mrs Thaw

Mrs Thaw is wearing a handspun & handknit dress with a handspun & handknit apron. Her hair was needlefelted into her head to form a bun at the back. Her broom was made with a tiny stick and straw

Felted wall hanging
felted wallhanging

felted wallhanging
The wallhanging was wetfelted no scissors where used for this piece. The seedbeads where individually sewn into the felt and the swarovski was added at the end.

lantern for seasons rounds swap
A watercolour latern. Check out my stream for instructions :)


Transparant for seasons round
This was made from the leftover bit of watercolour from the lantern.
Its the first time I've made one of these. Next time I will cut out a piece of the wings to make the Angel come to live more.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Winter swap bits with Buddha

Playing in a cardboard box

Seasons round swap arrived!

Many many thanks to Lynn she has been an awesome swappal!
Here's what she sent to us:

just opened box

winter tree

beeswax candles



walnut baby

the bottom of the box

I'm so chuffed!

Hope you are as happy with your box as we are with ours!

Friday, 6 November 2009

Monday, 2 November 2009

Sunday, 1 November 2009

lots of mud and a few wips

running bear
A bear using the running man pattern

knitting for nic's baby

a knotted doll for Nics' baby (who's due now!)

dane shawl
Dane shawl

charity hats
Hats for charity got two out of this ball with a little bit left

haunted house mini sock

Halloween sock my own pattern (not yet raveled)

haunted house ini sock
The haunted house side up

playing with mud
playing with mud

playing with mud

Throwing it onto the slide. Right behind this slide was the laundry drying. Somehow not a single sheet had mud on it!

We had lots of Trick or treaters last night. Euan had great fun giving out sweets. he's still not ready for going himself.
it has been raining since late last night and it still hasn't stopped. the grass is slowely turning into a giant mudpuddle and the chickens have not come out of the coop today.

Mum is back in hospital on tuesday and they will be doing more scans there before discussing the next step in her treatment. its such a long drawn out process.

I have finished part one of the winterswap and after that I can't stand to see another seedbead! it was one of those projects I can only do when the twins are asleep so it has taken up every spare minute at night for the last 3 days. I am very pleased with the results! Once the parcel has arrived at its destination I will post pictures up.

Time to put loaves in the oven!

Winner of the pattern giveaway!

random number for the pattern giveaway
Kids are all grumpy today, not sure why so I turned to random to choose a winner.
comment number 17 was:

momma rae said...

this is very cute! thanks for the opportunity! ;)

I'm of to email you mommarae!

Almost done

Almost done
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