Monday, 28 December 2009

Christmas break

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. We certainly did. James is of for 15 days. The longest holiday he's had since the twins where born! We had a couple of days of snow, though nothing like as much as we had in february. but mainly we've had frost, lots and lots of very cold nights.

Here's some pictures of the last week and a bit

One of my gifts from James an old DuaflexII for TtV photography

One for Euan & me to share a little childs sewing machine. it only does daisychains so its great for me to ecorate fabrics with and great for squish as there is no worry about the spool that normal machines have underneath. It does take a little while to get used to and you have to be careful to have the tension just right otherwise it doesn't pick up the daisyleaf that it made in the last stitch. It looked like it had never been used!


We fed the swans at the canal

Heres daddy and the 3 swanlings (what do you call baby swans?) and our boys

It was nice to see that swanling 3 with the misshapen beak was still doing really well and has become the cheekiest of the lot

Our tree on xmas eve with little sweethearts filled with chocolates

The xmas bags with stockingstuffers

Euan on xmas eve with the butter he made for our croissants on xmas morning
Euan made butter

A truck with airplane parts coming trough the hightstreet

Obviously there where tons of gifts for the boys (more pics in my flickr stream)

It looks like mums Chemo is going really well, And on the 28th of Januari we will find out when they start with the bonemarrow transplant.

Its time for me to go and make gingerbread ladies with the cutter I got in my wee sock swap.

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