Friday, 4 December 2009

CAtching up

So mum has been for a few days and started her chemo last week. So far everything is going well and she is feeling fine. She has the next session next week. If all goes to plan she starts the bonemarrow transplant the last week of Januari.
I was not expecting this to move as fast as it currently is! For mum its a relief though we should nknow the third week of januari if the chemo was a success, i not I'm not sure what will happen....

The twins have started their molars, Yay for sleepless nights lol!
I finished and exchange the seasons round swap (pictures in older posts or on my flickr)
We've had the first frost so our seasons table has shifted from autumny to frosty and winterlike. This also means that the curly kale will be delicious! much I like it best with plenty of mash good butter salt a a couple of fried eggs on top. Or another fab way is to bake it n the oven till its all crispy sprinkle with salt and tuck in yum!
Halfway trough the video she shows you what to do with it:

We finally got to meet baby Louis, and he is absolutly lovely! unfortunatly The martins had to go too quickly on to their next appointment. I have yet to meet people with a fuller schedule than them!

And now we are preparing for Sinterklaas to visit on Sunday plus since everyone in the street has put up their trees allready Euan has requested we get our out of storage. Since we dowsized our tree from the one we had last year (7 foot tall to 3 foot tall) i will need to sort out new decorations the balls from the old tree are way to big. I have been looking trough blogs for tutorials and ideas so I will try to put up a post tonight sharing the links :)

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