Thursday, 1 October 2009

Thursday allready

wow the week is flying by, after a few days of striking royal mail brought nothing but junk mail today.
it looked horribly grey this morning so we stayed home instead of going to the park we dipped leaves for my shop we felted acorns once they are dry we will glue them into their acorn caps and put them on our autumn table. WE've also been busy making drawings for Nick who will be coming over this weekend. Last time we saw him was easily 6 years ago.

Mum set of for her morale boosting holiday and then will start her chemo when she gets back. The day after she has an appoinment for a scan and the whole thing will get started.

We've had better weather for the last 3 weeks then we've had all summer. But autumn is here there's no doubt about that.

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