Monday, 19 October 2009

MIM - Touchy feely box

Make It Monday - a touchy feely box

mim touchy feely box

Here's what you need

* 2 plastic washing up tubs
* 3 cable ties
* pencil to mark where you need to drill adn cut
* something that is as big as the hole you want to cut (we intended to use the peautbutter lid but found it was too small)
* a drill
* a craftknife to cut out the hole
* crochet hook
* crochet cotton/yarn of DK/worsted weight

mim touchy feely box

Mark the area you want to cut out and around this mark out where to drill the holes to crochet the "glove" onto. Then find a keen person to drill the holes for the front, you also need 3 holes on the backside of both pieces to thread the cable ties trough as hinges.

mim touchy feely box

The front of our box. you won't see the horrible edges once a sock has been crocheted around the hole.

mim touchy feely box

The back of our box, as you can see we had some trouble lining up the holes

Now just crochet trough the holes and make a sleeve about 30cms long thats it!
E and i made a touchy feely box T is tes
All you need to do now is place something inside and have everyone in the house guess what it is.
The twins aren't that into it yet but Euan loves finding out whats in the box :)


  1. What a clever idea. I'd love to see it with the sleeve :-)

  2. It has the sleeve picture now. How stupid to forget that one!!



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