Monday, 26 October 2009

MIM - coloured rice

what you need
What you need for coloured rice
*white rice
*mixing bowl & mixing spoon
* food colouring, I like making a few batches with different colours and mixing them when dry

white rice in its tub
Place the rice in your mixing bowl

red mixed

add a teaspoon full at a time and stir until everything is coated nicely in dye but not so much that you see it standing in the bottom of you bowl.
Now transfer to somewhere warm and stir a cople of times until it is dry. I tend to leave mine in the airing cupboard oevrnight.
This picture also taught me not to try and take a picture of something red in a white bowl. no matter how hard you try the picture sucks!

different colours mixed together
mix your different colours together (or not I guess!) and hand it to your kids with spoons cups funnels and anything else that the rice can flow trough.
Its one of those very therapeutic activities that kids can do for hours (well mine do anyway)

Different colours still in seperate containers could also be used to "paint" a picture with and probably much more!

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