Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I hate the look of this blog I just can't get t to look neat and nice. I might just have to export it and let blogger host it. it appears their are far more settings and ways to edit the layout that way.

My pattern sales on ravelry have been going nicely. FAr better than I was expecting seeing as I haven't truly advertised. Though saying that with the first few sales I bought a 3 month businesssignature package on MDC.
Euan found a nice kids dyson hoover this morning in the charity shop and the twins have been busy hoovering. Willow found several huge sticks on the way to the shops and he insisted they come with us. Its bad enough having this huge double pushchait but with a collection of sticks is was almost impossible to get trough anywhere lol!
I have been knitting pumpkins and aacorns with my scraps and they have been send to friends troughout the world.
And the sudden drop in eggs has left me looking for an eggfree pumpkin muffin recipe. 2 of the chickens are practically bold and feathers fly everywhere.
Mum got back from her holiday in the philipines and had a great time and is now gearing up for the chemo and bonemarrow transplants so I've started knitting a few chemo caps for her. no dates on the exact start of it all yet since she has to go trough scans and everything first.

I picked up two great books from the charity shops the heart of the buddha's teaching by Thay Thich Nhat Hanh, I love his writings and I have yet to find a book or dharma talk by him that doesn't inspire.
The second is called GOGO MAMA a book about 12 african women it looks really interesting. I normally don't get the time to look at books for myself, by that point the twins are bored and want to move on say YAY for me lol!

Time to put lunch on the table :)

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