Thursday, 29 October 2009

After 3 years

After 3 years
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This badly lit grainy pictures shows something rather special.
3years ago (and 31/2 weeks lol!) we adopted two 6 month old cats. The charity we adopted them from had given up on them and they where designated to become farm cats. One look at them though and James was sold, I got to see them a few days after he did and having a toddler with me they where not conviced and hid away in a corner.
We signed the papers and the cats came home the weekend after. They lived in the back bedroom for 3 months they didn't come out and would scurry away into a corner when we came into the room. slowely but surely Rosie became very friendly she has become a real lapcat and will jump on james's shoulder when she comes inside. she loves to curl up in bed with us and just generally loves attention.
Rodney would accept a pat on his head but generally not much more. in the past year though he has become more & more affectionate and last night he very carefully climbed ontop of me and started purring.
I am so glad we convinced them to allow us to give these two a go!

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