Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Something really weird is going on

it 18.44 on my laptop clock I have been downstairs for about 10 minutes and the house is completely silent.

The twins skipped their nap and went to bed early. Euan was (I thought) waiting for me downstairs drinking his horlicks but when I stepped out of the bedroom I nearly stepped on Euan who had curled up in front of the door with a blanket over himself fats asleep! It took the twins about 5 minutes to fall asleep and I have no clue when he came upstairs or why he didn't jump into bed himself.

James is on his way home finger crossed it stays dry. we've been having freak thunderstorms lasting about 15 minutes or so and then blue sky's and shunshine.

I got an email from my secret pal to say that a second package is on its way. I recieved my amaon order this morning with some books by John Taylor Gatto, I'm slowely spending my birthday money. Some of it was spend on buying James a bis piece of steak, its our weddinganniversary today and in keeping with tradition he has forgotton it again. so far he has not anaged to remember it a single time lol! The steak is his punishment you see he will eat it and love it and feel even more guilty for forgetting .

The last couple of days of James's holiday where spend in a really fun way.... fleatreating the house. We somehow got an infestation eventhough the cats get treated every month. it mean having to move everything of the floor spraying room quickly shuuting the door and letting it air out before moving everything back again and repeating the same in the next room. I'm so glad we live in a tiny house!
Poor Rosie has been in several fight again and is missing lots of patched of fur, she doesn't seem to have any bitemarks so hopefully we won't get any abcesses this time.

The trampoline is a big hit and inbetween the rainshowers they are all jumping around on it. Kiwi really doesn't like it and hisses at it when the kids bounce on it.

Kelly passed her drivingtest on Euan's birthday and got her first car last week. Its rather odd to think that my 2 sblings who are both younger than me are happily driving around in cars, the pressure is on for me to finally get my license but I just can't be bothered with it. I find cars to stressfull would much rather keep walking or cycling.

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