Tuesday, 29 September 2009

catching up

its been so busy here, James is working his usual 12 hour days so seeing daddy is a rare treat during the week. We went to buy shoes on Sunday and the twins now light up with every step, literally. I walked into the chicken run on Monday to find it looking like someone had plucked a few chickens, but thankfully after a quick headcount they where all there and OK just started moulting.
I opened and etsy shop and am slowly adding thing to it.
I have my very first very own knitting pattern being tested as we speak and that will be available on ravelry and in my etsy shop as a kit.

Mums cancer has suddenly gotten much worse and she will be starting chemo in a few weeks, she's going on holiday to some faraway hot country first. They will be doing several courses of chemo together with bone marrow transplants. Fingers crossed this will actually help her and not make it all worse

Euan has been a dragon for the last 2 weeks and he gets very cross if we call him by his name, he flies everywhere we go and roars at everyone which gets some interesting reactions from people.
He also had his first experience with what school is like. We where at the park last thursday and after about 20 minutes this group of school children dressed in their unifroms stopped at the top of the hill. Euan climbed on top of the big slide to watch what was going on. after about 5 minutes of shouting and moving all the children where standing in neat littl groups listening to instructions and then they where let loose, this resulted in constant shouting of instructions and no's and get of's. There was this group of 30+ kids with a teacher and a handfull of mums and none of the kids where really allowed to do much since it was still early morning all the equipment was wet. after 10 minutes of this they where rounded up again like a herd of cows and they had to carry on. Once they left the stream of questions from Euan started, why where they all dressed the same, why couldn't they play, why did they have to hold hands, why did they have to walk in a line why why why. I tried to answer his questions as matter of factly as I could without showing my own dislike of this screwed up system of so called education. and after all that he sat on the bench for awhile staring into the distance only to fly of again and run around doing things dragons do. on the way home he said I don't like school I like being a dragon and running.

I have also send my last sp package of lets hope the royal mail strike doens't keep it hostage for to long!

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