Saturday, 1 August 2009

Swap parcels :)

I posted two quick pics with my phone but wanted to write a little more.
My secret Pal lives in Canada! Include in the lovely parcel was a birthay card with a cute little sheep, a set of 2mm bamboo dpn's, a cute little cow finger puppet (sorry the kids all agreed it was a cow not a goat or a sheep lol!) a ball of light blue fibernatura cottonwood (100%cotton) (no ideas what to do with this yet) and a skein (hank?) of alpaca with twist mojito in the best variegated colours I've ever seen. SP you have no idea how much I love that skein/hank! it is absolutely perfect (I am planning to knit these) I wish there was more of it!

My sock swap parcel also arrived with two cute socks loads of tiny sock yarn skeins chocolate buttons for the kids (they where gone in about 2 minutes!) a lovely smelling piece of soap which has dissapeared allready (I will hide hubbies conditioner until the soap gets returned...) a card a two knitted strawberries. I will add the socks to my collection shortly.

Euans ear got worse yesterday but strangly seems to be much better today. he got another sore on it and it was so red and swollen but still it didn't hurt him. the redness is gone as is the swelling just a couple of scabs left. hopefully this is it!
The rain doesn't seem to stop at al. The chickens have become excellent swimmers.
My little sister is coming over on Tuesday with her girlfriend yay! Euan is counting the days until tuesday keeping his fingers crossed for lots of presents :)
More family will be arriving the monday after so we'll be busy


  1. that is funny about your chickens becoming excellent swimmers.

    when i get mine next year i can honestly say, "I read it on the internet, chickens can swim." LOL

  2. glad you like the gift. working on a map. my roomie is a homeeducator too. the yarn is actually not being shipped up to canada anymore. I asked at the yard shop.



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