Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wow its so busy here. with me getting a tooth pulled and feeling aweful for 4 days before it starts to feel better 4 birthdays coming up lots of visitors from abroad over the next few weeks. Euan's ear-thing (The Dokter didn't have a clue what it was) and constant rain (which means i have to work extra hard to come up with stuff for the kids to do so they don't start bugging each other) I feel like there is no time to stop at all!
I shal be glad when august has gone and things will slow down again.
Euan's dr appoinment yesterday was fun, we walked in Thomas recognised the Dr and stuffed his hand under his jumper whilst at the same time trying to hide behind me. this was the same Dr who removed the bandages of his thumb several times. She looked at Euans ear and said it looked like a scold (sp?) and asked if it was possibe he'd toughed the iron or something. I looked around the room that was slowely being torn apart by three tornado's looked back at her and said yeah I don't do ironing.
Basically she has no idea what it is so you can guess what she gave us (antibiotic cream) we'll see what will happen.
The chickens pecked a hole in the netting yesterday which took me awhile to find....

I also got an email from my secret pal telling me that a parcel is in the mail for me and it should be arriving on monday. I got the message tuesday. That should mean she's not from the UK right? how exciting!!

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