Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The twins are asleep, Euan has crashed in front of the TV downstairs and I'm trying to catch up on some emails but decided to write a bit instead.
The cats (well Rodney mainly) are bringing in more birds than I thaught possible. At least Rosie will eat anything she catches leaving maybe a few feathers behind but thats it. With rodney I'm lucky if whatever it is he brings in is dead he tends to leave them for me to finish. We had a thrush yesterday that I found belly up in the kitchen unable to really move but still breathing. I *hate* finding them like that. You know you can't leave them to suffer but you also don't want finish the job.
I picked up two nice shrubs for the chickenrun for only a pounds each, once it stops raining I will put them in. Hopefully they will allow it to grow so they have some shade in the run. I'm running around with sheets everytime it gets hot now.
My little sister is coming over on the 4th of august with a friend for a few days and the week after mum is coming over for a few days.
It looks like James has found an rpg group locally which would be great because he really misses it.

Euan has started to sound out words, he's making letters with pieces of string that he finds in my knittingbacg and wipes away writing on the whiteboard to make new letters with.
Its really rather facinating to see how he is learning to read and write so naturally. Especially now I'm so involved with learning Japanese. I find the whole process of learning another languege anything but natural. which is rather odd since I speak several languages but they where all aquired whilst talking to other people so I guess I need to find myself a japanese person.

duty calls....

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