Tuesday, 28 July 2009

turning back the time

I mean to post this last night but never got round to writing it down.
The twins had gone to bed early because they didn't have a nap yestday, so Euan and I watched a film together. when that had finished and he'd had his horlicks I said to him that he looked tired and that it was probably time for bed.
He looked at the little clock on top of the bookcase and said "just turn it back on there mum" Totally confused as to what he was talking about I must have given him a stupid look as he sighed dramatically an said with great emphasis "the time just turn it back on the clock than I don't have to go to bed yet"

I mean how do you argue with that? James got his hopes up now that Euan will be the one to invent a timemachine.....

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