Wednesday, 15 July 2009

there was another repatriation yesterday, the number of people that lined up to pay their respects was amazing according to the bbc from basset to Oxford people where lined up. There is a little video of it on their site. The WW1 memorial has flowers piled up on all sides.

All but one of our appletrees are apple less. the twins keep taking them of conviced they can eat them only to find out they are nowhere near ready and end up feeding them to the chickens. the courgettes are being enjoyed by the slugs and so far only the potatoes and oca's seem to do ok.

We've had some real luck at the charityshops for James's birthday. he really likes his rpg's and quite a few of the boardgames that where made are now very collectable. We picked 3 games up for only a couple of pounds each and each of them are worthwel over 50 pounds now. He's also fond a local rpg group which is nice he really has missed his weekly gaming night.

I've almost finished my july minisock swap sock so hopefully I'll be able to send it to its destination in Scotland this weekend

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