Saturday, 11 July 2009

I <3 Swapping

I'm really getting into doings swaps. from the mini sock swap I've gone into sp14. I've just been told (in a very subtle way!) that my blog is not swapfriendly lol!
I guess I need to write about me for a change.
I'm dutch and my first love is drop (sweet liquorice) I've been in the UK for 8 years now and love it here. I am married to the sweetest man and have 3 beautiful sons who take up most of my time. I am a big animal lover and have 3 cats 4 chickens 2 guineapigs and a rabbit (he was recently widowed :().
I love knitting spinning and crochet most (not neccesarely in that order) probebly because I do these the most and am most comfertable with them. But I also tat bobbinlace, naldbind sprang and weave. I sew but not often as I don't have the patience for pinning fabrics and ironing everything only to have a little person "helping" you by taking the pins out.
I hate projects with lots of seaming and love to knit on circs but avoid straights. Fun fur should be banned except for use in freeform.
For colours I love this this this and this.

If I had to choose one project that I could put time & yarn aside for it would be muir. alas I am having to satisfy myself with endless requests for toys.

I love indian food, and indonesian. What I miss most from NL (after my family!) is the food, I miss decent chips, good mayonaise and indonesian take out. I miss kroketten en frikandellen en stampot. rookworst en katjesdrop. writing all these things makes me salivate.

I don't have a drivinglicense and walk or use public transport everywhere. I have 3 kids who have motionsickness so we avoid public transport as much as we can. I don't have a decent lys near me. the nearest one would be get knitted.
I love the word aubergine strange huh? and serendipety they just sound good.
I love languages and speak several fluently, I love traveling but having 3 kids and a bunch of pets thats not happening much now. the next new country I want to visit is Japan. I am facinated by their culture and language. I have allready been to New Zealand Australia Indonesia and most European countries.

Thats the kids back :)

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