Monday, 6 July 2009

Her regents het regent de pannetjes worden nat!

lots and lots and lots of rain here. The chooks are practicaly swimming.
The weather was still nice for todays repatriation. We've seen so many now but Euan doesn't get it, he doesn't get the cars and the coffins. the newscrews and all the old men in their uniforms standing for hours somtimes waiting for the cars to slowely drive by.
He's seen so many dead birds and other creatures the cats bring in but he somehow can't match that up with a person dying.
Tomorrow is Jeroens funeral, not much to say about that really. being so far away I am in a strange way so disconected from it all. Like, I know what has happend but I don't *know*.

I also broke a tooth thursdaynight, had an emergency appoinment with the dentist on friday now taking medication which is making me feel even worse and I won't get the tooth pulled until the 22nd! times like now that I wish James would learn Dutch so we can live over there.

On a happier note I've heard from my sp14 hostess *doing a happy dance*. SO I need to sort out the last couple of questions I've not filled in properly.

got to go

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  1. this is your secret buddy making contact. My scecret name is twanda. cant wait to see your questionaire.




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