Friday, 17 July 2009

Birthday weekend :)

It's James's birthday this weekend (I won't tell you how old he'll be he's that old). The first cards are allready here. We have nothing planned though, the boys and I will make a cake but thats about it.
I have finished my wee sockswap sock and am finishing of the last bits for the little parcel. Euan has found Toystory and loves it to bits. He also found a woody and buzz in the charityshops, which has resulted in neverending bad taste jokes from James. I I didn't now better I'd say he's 10.
Woody didn't work to start with none of the AAA batteries we had fitted into the batterycompartment. We finally managed to shove some duracells in him, I hope that they will last a long time it was such a pain to get those thing in. Woody was also hatless which had to be fixed. He is now the proud owner of a felt hat that imo looks awfull and is more an Aussie bushhat, you know the type that would normally have corks around the edge, instead of a cowboyhat. But i made Euan happy which is really all that matters :).

Rodney is rather peeved with me as I put a collar on him (and rosie too) in the hopes of stopping him killing every bird in sight. It seems to have worked so far the dead bird count this week stands on 0 which is 8 less than last week!

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