Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Well how odd after not hearing from J's eldest sister for years he got a text yesterday. H's so happy, they've been texting so I hope this is a new beginning for them.
I got a big bag of clothes for the boys from a charitystall on the market. we stopped at sainsburies because the chocolate buttuns we got last week had a piece of plastic inside a button. luckily Thomas didn't choke on it. They did give us a giftvoucher to spend instore which was nice of them.
As you can see below my june swap package arrived and the kids got a couple of books with cd's from Netherland from my opa & oma.
We had lovely braised sausages yesterday, never thought of doing that. i opened up my delia book and went looking for recipes that use red wine and I had everything needed for this.
And the electricity was of untill 11pm took them a long time to get it sorted!

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